Copper, Base Metals and Industrial Minerals

Mexico ranked no. 10 on the world list of copper producers in 2015 and boasts the world’s third-largest copper mine following the expansion at Grupo Mexico’s mammoth Buenavista del Cobre project. The expansion includes a large zinc processing plant and this chapter will focus on the role zinc and other base metals play in the Mexican mining sector. The spotlight will also fall on the macro-economic trends affecting the global copper and base metals’ markets in 2017, such as President Trump’s planned infrastructure drive that is expected to boost demand significantly. The content will also track the performance of the country’s main copper mines and projects.

Other metals and industrial minerals that Mexico produces will also be featured. This will include the lithium projects in Sonora, which could add a vital new arrow to the market’s bow when fully operational.


  • Gold production highlights of 2014
  • Key trends in the global gold mining industry
  • Overview of most successful mine operations and most important gold deposits
  • Project features presenting selected mines
  • Gold processing technologies