This chapter will introduce Mexico’s main yellow metal mine operators and producers to the reader. There will be analysis of the development of the gold price over the past 12 months, and how that has affected Mexican bullion operations. The spotlight will be on the largest gold mines in the country – how much they are producing and how healthy are their profit margins – as well as smaller operations that have performed outstandingly. Any exploration projects that have advanced to the development or production stage in the past 12 months will also be highlighted, to provide a full spectrum of the main trends and opportunities in the Mexican gold market.

Finally, the chapter will take an objective look at the challenges facing gold producers in Mexico, as well as introducing any new technologies built specifically for bullion production. 


  • Exploration activity in 2014 
  • Overview of early-stage exploration methods
  • Drilling techniques and mineral analysis 
  • Involvement of Canadian juniors and big domestic operators
  • Main projects in exploration stage
  • Overview of Mexico’s geography and geology
  • Structure and mandate of the Mexican Geological Survey
  • Profile of Mexico’s most productive mining states and strategic mining regions, such as the Sierra Madre Belt