Finance, Investment and Regulation

Mining is an expensive undertaking and critical financing can be the difference between success and failure. The content of this chapter will analyze the climate for doing business in Mexico, for both foreign and domestic companies, and how that has evolved over the past 12 months. The biggest M&A and JV deals completed in the sector in 2017 will be explored, accompanied by analyses on the impact these transactions will have on the industry. There will also be an assessment of the main opportunities for investment in the sector, with a focus on how junior miners can gain access to the capital required to fund new exploration projects to ensure the health of the industry going forward.

Finally, the chapter will cover mining regulation in Mexico. This will include how companies have adapted to the fiscal reform and Energy Reform in 2014, and analysis of any other regulatory adjustments that are made during 2017. Top corporate executives from throughout the value chain, finance and investment experts, legal representatives and international consultancies will provide critical insight.