Logistics and Trade

Once the ore has been processed and is ready for commercialization, mining companies face the task of bringing their product to market. This process has to be seamless because the faster the metals can be commercialized, the faster the operator can get paid. But it can be made especially difficult by the fact that most mines are situated in remote locations that often don’t have the ideal infrastructure. Mexico’s railroads and freight companies will be challenged more and more to provide on time, on budget services.

In this chapter, shipping and rail companies will discuss the logistical challenges of transporting gold, silver and other minerals and metals around the world and assess how mining companies can best prepare for this vital phase of the process. The spotlight will also fall on trading companies, who will discuss the state of the global metals trading markets, explain how they get the best deal for their clients and offer advice for improving metal commercialization. Finally, consultants and analysts will assess where Mexico stands in terms of the global competitiveness of its metal trading processes.