MMR 2015: Planning & Construction

As a result of the investment in Mexico in the past years, new mines are being inaugurated and expansion projects are being commissioned. Construction and engineering companies have managed to secure contracts in developing projects in the Mexican mining industry, despite the hindered access to capital. With tightened market conditions, mining companies are now planning to make their future projects more cost-effective, with a higher return on their investments. Through this, they expect to overcome the negative speculation about the future of metal prices.

This chapter will present an overview of the main projects in the development stage, and analyze new technologies and methods aimed at improving efficiency and reducing operating costs for new or expanding mines. It will also analyze the acquisition opportunities for mining companies looking to expand their operations in Mexico, and review the main construction companies and engineering service providers in the country.


  • Mine planning and construction in 2014 and 2015
  • Overview of feasibility studies and acquisition opportunities
  • Main projects under development and their expected output
  • Blasting, explosives, and construction methods
  • Status of engineering in Mexico in terms of human resources and technology