MMR 2015: Prospecting & Exploration

Mexico, on par with Chile, leads Latin American countries in exploration expenditures and is ranked fourth on a global level, according to SNL Metals & Mining’s 2014 World Exploration Trends. Recently, mining exploration companies – the so called juniors – coming from abroad, have had to deal with lower metals prices, uncertain demand, and poor market conditions worldwide. For these reasons, many have had to diversify their services, adopt new financing alternatives, and look to new exploration models. On the other hand, larger mining companies – the majors – have continued exploration in the vicinity of their existing mines as a way to ensure organic growth.

This chapter examines promising prospects in the largely unexplored Mexican territory, while exploring technical, financial, and other associated challenges in the initial stages of any mining project. Subsequently it will explore drilling technology, geophysical exploration solutions, and airborne geological surveys being offered in the market. It will also present an overview of new and advanced exploration projects.


  • Exploration activity in 2014 and 2015
  • Overview of exploration companies and analysis of the exploration market
  • Innovative drilling techniques, technology, and mineral analysis
  • Situation of Canadian juniors, big domestic operators, and new players
  • Main projects in exploration stage
  • Structure, mandate, and services of the Mexican Geological Survey