MMR 2015: Finance & Investment

In 2013, Mexico was ranked by the Behre Dolbear Group as the fifth best destination for overall mining investment. Due to the stable business environment and its clear operating rules, Mexico will remain one of the most attractive destinations for investment in mining exploration. The country attracted 6% of total global mining investment in 2013, while it contributed 2% of total global production. Recent calculations regarding the total investment in the Mexican mining sector in 2013 report a total investment of US$6.576, 18% lower than the US$8.043 billion invested in 2012. With many major players already committed to the industry, the investment in 2014 is expected to remain stable as companies develop and expand their existing operations in Mexico.

This chapter provides an accurate in-depth analysis and compilation of the mining investments in 2013 and 2014, as well as innovative solutions for alternative financing, and key strategies to access capital during times of declining prices and to lessen the impact of the new mining royalty and tax.


  • The taxation situation and financing opportunities for small, medium and large companies
  • The current state of foreign investment in Mexico’s mining industry
  • Investment trends by the main companies and new players
  • Alternatives for project financing being implemented
  • Overview of the most recent mergers & acquisitions