MMR 2015: Future Outlook

Even after a turbulent year in the global metal markets and the introduction of a new tax and royalty, Mexico continues to be the number one silver producer worldwide, and is within the top ten producers of another 12 minerals. Although the exploration market has faced a difficult year, Mexico still attracts 6% of the global nonferrous exploration budget, reflecting the promising future of mining in Mexico. However, if Mexico wants to remain competitive as a top mining jurisdiction, the Mexican mining industry will need to make its investments count and increase the efficiency of its mines through technological and operational innovation. Furthermore, the government will need to analyze the effect of the tax and royalty, and take the necessary actions to fill the gaps in mining regulation.

This chapter looks ahead to the near future, asking what highlights we can expect from the industry quarter by quarter, and goes in depth into some analytical cases for what could happen in 2015, such as changes to the recently implemented tax regulation and possible projects that could further detonate the mining industry.


  • The long-term direction of the Mexican mining industry
  • Key events to look out for in 2015
  • Potential additions or changes to mining regulation during Peña Nieto’s term
  • Possible legal changes regarding residency and permitting
  • Potential for changes to tax and royalty regulation
  • Ambitions of the main players