MMR 2015: Logistics & Trade

To keep the mining industry running smoothly, transportation, logistics and trading companies work around the clock to make sure that equipment and raw materials are sent to where they are needed. This can be especially difficult considering that most mines are situated in remote locations that often don’t have the ideal infrastructure. Furthermore, the metals trading world has become increasingly complex as metals trading firms secure entire mineral productions, concentrates, and by-products from miners, smelters and refineries for their use in other countries and continents.

This chapter aims at providing a complete overview of the challenges met by transportation and logistics providers, as well as trading companies doing business in the Mexican mining sector. It will look at mineral transportation and logistics at the mine site itself, and will then provide an overview of the different means of transportation involved in the mining sector, from train transportation to shipping services. The chapter will also present expert opinions on the main developments in the metals trading market, and analyze the current situation on a domestic and global scale.


  • Mexico’s logistics infrastructure and solutions
  • Mineral transportation global options and main ports of entry
  • Overview of the main metals trading companies in Mexico
  • Trading tendencies, spot market deals, and long-term agreements
  • Analysis of metal pricing tendencies