MMR 2015: Energy & Sustainability

Realizing that a time of opportunity is arriving, Mexican and foreign companies alike are now starting to rethink how their products, technologies, and business models can be applied to transforming Mexico’s energy landscape. In addition, the international mining industry has been under increased pressure to address issues concerning sustainable development, the environment and its relationship with local communities. Under Mexican law, mining companies must comply with federal environmental regulations and provide an environmental impact study before operations can begin. Furthermore, a good relationship with the community is essential to ensure smooth operations at the mine, which is why many companies employ special programs to involve and benefit the community. Now, as a result of the energy reform, energy costs in Mexico are supposed to come down, while mining companies will also have the opportunity to provide for their growing energy needs rather than rely on the CFE.

This chapter will provide an overview of case studies in the Mexican mining industry regarding sustainable development, CSR efforts, introduction of energy infrastructure to mining sites, and community relations. We will also present technologies and solutions designed to minimize the impact on the environment and prevent conflicts with the surrounding communities. We will take a look at best practices during mining operations, as well as mine closure and reclamation procedures. Finally, the chapter will analyze the impact of the new mining royalty and tax on the community development programs of the main operators.


  • Overview of improvements in energy supply and energy efficiency in mining sector
  • Legal situation regarding environmental protection, community relations, and energy supply
  • Overview of sustainable mining practices and clean mining applications
  • Efforts to improve community relations
  • CSR systems and new sustainability practices adopted in the mining sector