MMR 2015: Technology & Innovation

MMR 2015: Technology & Innovation
Innovation in technology and engineering is crucial for development in the mining industry and there are hundreds of local and international service providers competing to offer their latest technology in mining projects and operations all over Mexico. At the same time, the mining industry is looking to increase interest in the sector by encouraging the next generation to pursue a degree in geology and engineering due to the high demand of qualified personnel in the mining industry.

This chapter looks at the main service providers and their latest technologies, including communication solutions for remote locations, automation of processes, software, and developments in analytical equipment. It also focuses on research and development efforts of selected companies, organizations, and universities. Moreover, this chapter will provide an overview of the human resource situation and how industry institutions are promoting interest in earth sciences and engineering.


  • Current research and development efforts
  • The use of technology to optimize resource utilization
  • Systems and software development for mining operations
  • Talent and academic development
  • Innovative Mexican and international companies
  • Technology and engineering highlights in Mexico’s mining sector