MMR 2015: Equipment & Safety

More than a decade after the Mexican mining industry opened its doors to 100% direct foreign investment for mining projects, Mexico has improved significantly with regard to mining safety and mining companies in the country have acquired the latest mining equipment to improve the efficiency of their mines. Nevertheless, accidents in the global mining sector still occur as a result of negligence, improper infrastructure, insufficient training, and poor operative regulation. Furthermore, declining metal prices are now forcing companies to look for reliable solutions that can improve productivity, reduce downtime, and can reduce operating costs in the short- and medium-term.

This chapter aims to provide an overview of technologies and initiatives designed to minimize risk, avoid disasters, and increase the overall safety of mine workers and the efficiency of mining sites. It will also feature interviews and technology spotlights of suppliers of the most robust and reliable mining equipment, electric generators, conveyer belts, and steel solutions. It will provide an overview of cutting-edge analytical and detection technologies, fire suppression systems, safety equipment, software, and success stories in the Mexican mining industry.



  • Overview of latest technology and equipment to prevent accidents and increase mine safety
  • Innovation in detection technologies and analytical equipment
  • Cutting-edge heavy machinery and components
  • Strategies and added value of main equipment suppliers and service providers
  • Safety programs, initiatives, and standards