This is Mexico Mining Review 2016

The cycle of bonanza and good prices in the mining industry has been broken and rather than wallowing in the volatile market place, mining players have taken the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” to heart. Key words like operative efficiency, productivity, optimization, and capital discipline have taken root, all in an effort to claim benefits in this turbulent time.  The perception of lower inflation risk, the strength of the US economy, the drop of average metal prices, and the slowdown in the exploration and development activities are factors that will give companies the opportunity to devote time to study in detail their commitments and justify their projects to its shareholders.

In this time of reflection, Mexico Mining Review 2016 provides an in-depth and timely overview of the latest developments, trends, achievements, and challenges in the Mexican industry. Our previous editions are a testament to the perfect positioning we offer to the key stakeholders of the Mexican and international public and private sectors. Innovation, efficiency, automation, and technology are the key pillars unifying this year’s edition, which will combine in-depth analysis, interviews, and top project features. The legal, regulatory, and financial frameworks are tackled in the opening chapters by key players, ranging from the Federal Government to industry associations, financial heavyweights, and professional service providers. The remaining chapters will navigate the leading Mexican and international mining players in key sectors like gold, silver, copper, iron and steel, among others. The remaining chapters will unveil the whole value chain with suppliers either focusing on open pit or underground mining and their top product offerings and innovations. Exploration of greenfield and brownfield projects, ore processing, energy, CSR, and environmental remediation are some of the other rich subjects we will also feature extensively. Through our print, iPad, and online editions, Mexico Mining Review is the voice of the Mexican mining industry.

Our Editorial approach

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